Hiking amongst the vineyards
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Holiday dedicated to hiking on the Strada del Vino:

Walking on the pathways of oenological culture

Holiday dedicated to hiking on the Strada del Vino:

“Only where you have been on foot, is where you have really been”: with these words the great German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe expressed at that time his desire to walk. In fact, by walking you can better appreciate the marvellous natural scenery in which is immersed the Rungghof. As if designed by art, the vast vineyards of the surrounding area subside into the gentle hilly landscape. Here the vines and the sunny slopes clench an almost relentless tie which invites you to knot your laces and venture into hidden corners.
The Rungghof is the ideal starting point for long excursions across the southern part of South Tyrol. Fascinating villages with a wine growing tradition, a variety of didactic routes of an oenological character and excursionist pathways as well as many castles along the Strada del Vino just waiting to be discovered. With a light step you can discover on new journeys important information relating to the oenological culture and have the opportunity of sampling fresh wines, fruity and full bodied from this territory with a Mediterranean resemblance.
The reception team at the Rungghof will be pleased to assist you in the individual planning of your tour.


Eno didactic path “Via Alta Gschleier”

Walk through nature and the vineyards of Cornaiano. This eno didactic path illustrates in a very efficient way, how the vines are cared for by the agricultural farmers, by means of 16 bilingual panels dedicated to nature and to wine.


Didactic journey on the wine of Cortaccia

Learn to recognise the characteristic bouquet of the wines of South Tyrol. The journey takes you through fenced vineyards for 1, 5 km, where you can discover almost all the cultivated vines in this area as well as the different methods of cultivation. Furthermore, you will be offered the chance to discover the notes of the different wines from...


The wine path “wein.weg” in Caldaro

The path has the form of the figure 8 and runs along the existing pathway around the Lake of Caldaro, passing by magnificent scenery and romantic wine growing estates.


Didactic wine journey Castel Sallegg

Without a guide, or with a guide, in a group or alone, does not matter: this journey to Castle Sallegg offers you an enlightening panorama on South Tyrolean wine growing culture, full of tradition.


Walks to the three castles

At the foot of Mount Macaion you can find the three castles of Appiano. During a historic - artistic excursion you can capture an impression of medieval South Tyrol.


Wine safari

A day characterised by the wines of South Tyrol, served by experts of this sector and sampled in good company. The Mediterranean landscape along the Strada del Vino, a culinary interlude and precious information relating to the territory and the inhabitants render this journey an unforgettable experience dedicated to the culture of wine.