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Informative on cookies


Cookies are short text files which are downloaded onto the user’s computer when a website is visited. At each successive visit the cookies are re-sent to the website from where they originated (first level cookie) or to another site which recognises them (third party cookies). The cookies are used because they consent a website to recognise the user’s computer. They have diverse uses such as, allowing you to navigate efficiently between pages, remembering favourite websites and, in general, improve the flow of navigation. They also contribute to the guaranteeing that the contained publicity visualised online is better aimed at the user and their interests. According to the function and the end use, cookies can de subdivided into technical cookies, profiling cookies and third party cookies.

Technical cookies

These cookies do not require the users consent.

Amongst these so called technical cookies, we identify essential cookies which facilitate functions, without which it would not be possible to fully use this website. These cookies are used exclusively for this website and are therefore first party cookies. They are saved on the user’s computer only during the actual session. Also, entering in the field of technical cookies are “analytic” cookies used to statistically analyse access and visits to the site, which carry out exclusively statistical purposes and gather information in consolidated form without the possibility or arriving at the identification of the single user.

Profiling cookies

These cookies require the consent of the user.

Profiling cookies are used to gather information relating to the user, with the end scope of sending publicity material in line with preferences manifested by the same during navigation of the network.

Third party cookies

These refer to cookies from sites other than this site, utilised with the end scope of said third parties, relative information and ways of accepting or refusing your consent are available by clicking on the links present in the list of cookies hereunder.

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Technical Cookies
Name of cookie Purpose of cookie Duration
PHPSESSID The PHPSESSID cookie does not identify you as an individual. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you may experience problems displaying some sections of the website. Deleted at the end of your browsing session.
cookiealert Avoids the reappearance of the banner containing the information brief on cookies. Deleted after one year.
nocookie Cookie to deactivate/delete all other cookies. Deleted after one year.
fe_typo_user It ensures communication of the web page with the user. Serves to verify, for example, the security code of the contact form. Deleted at the end of your browsing session.
Profiling Cookie (First Party)
Third-party Cookies
_gat_UA-xxx This cookie is used to distinguish users - Part of Google Analytics. Deleted after 1 minute.
_ga This cookie is used to distinguish users. Deleted after two years.
_gid This cookie is used to distinguish users. Deleted after one day.


To deactivate, remove or block the cookies, it is possible to resort to the browser settings, according to the indications shown in the following link, but we warn you that, in case of deactivation, the full functionality of the website may not be guaranteed.

If you do not use any of the browsers listed above, choose “cookie” in the relative section of the guide to discover where you can find the settings of the cookies. The user can also proceed with the deactivation and/or cancellation of the third party cookies, as described on the website managed by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) at the address

We use cookies to give you the best possible service. Please be aware that, in case of deactivation, full enjoyment of the site may not be guaranteed. READ PRIVACY