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Informative in accordance with the Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30.06.2003 “CODE OF PRIVACY”

In accordance with the Italian Law art. 13, of the Lg.D. June 2003 n. 196 we advise you that the Hotel Restaurant Ansitz Rungghof uses personal data belonging to clients and suppliers and subjects who voluntarily comunicate ( by telephone, via fax, via email or through registration of our website) their personal data to our company, and by subjects whose data has been collected by third parties during, for example, purchasing operations of external data for commercial, public lists etc., in the last case using exclusively data of common nature.

We guarantee within the limits of the provisional regulations that the personal data is processed in respect of the fundamental rights and freedom, as well as the dignity of the person concerned, in particular to that relating to the secrecy, personal identification and the right to protection of the same.

End use of data processing:

  • To fulfil obligations of deriving from regulation, community laws, orders given by authorities and from civil and fiscal laws;
  • To fulfil eventual contractual obligations in the interest of the concerned;
  • To fulfil activities connected to the economic activity of our company, such as the compilation of internal statistics, for invoicing as well for the maintenance of client -  supplier accounts;
  • For commercial use, such as the sending of commercial information and publicity material (via post, fax and email). For marketing and market research;
  • To protect creditors and debt management;
  • Insurance purposes, in particular for credit insurances.


Means of communication and diffusion of the data

End users to who may be communicated your personal data if necessary:

  • To Public Administrations and Authorities, where required to by law;
  • To Credit institutes with whom the Hotel Restaurant Ansitz Rungghof has connections for the management of credits/ debits and for financial intermediation;
  • To any fiscal and/or judicial person, public figures and /or private (legal consultancy, administrative and fiscal, judicial offices, Chamber of Commerce etc), when such communication is necessary or functional to the performance of our activity;
  • To suppliers/producers in order to register the products.

The personal data processed by the Hotel Restaurant Ansitz Rungghof is not subject to diffusion.

Methods of data processing

The processing may be carried out with or without the use of electronic devices and however automated and will include all the operations foreseen by art. 4 comma 1, letter a, Lg.D. 30 June 2003 n. 196 and necessary to the processing in question. However the processing of data will be carried out observing every precautionary measure, which guarantees safety and discretion.


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User rights

The Privacy Code confers to those interested, the exercise of specifics rights regarding art. 7.  In particular you may obtain from the owner the confirmation of their existence or non existence of   personal data retaining to you and their communication in intelligent form. The party concerned may furthermore request the origin of the data, the end means and methods of processing as well as the logic applied in the case of data obtained with electronic instruments, the identifying extreme details of the party responsible and the designated representative and the subjects and categories of subject to which personal data may be communicated or may come to know of.

The party concerned has the right to obtain the updating, the modification and the integration, as well as the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or oppose to their use in violation of the law. The party concerned has the right to oppose in full or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the use of personal data regarding them, and without reason, to the use of their personal data for the means of publicity material or direct sales or for fulfilling market research or commercial communications.

The above mentioned rights may be exercised, even through a third person, by means of a specific request made to the nominated person responsible for data processing, Günther Ebner, Via Ronco, 26, Cornaiano, Appiano sulla Strada del Vino, Alto Adige (BZ), by means of a registered letter or email to