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The Rungghof, a hotel with tradition. A holiday paradise at Cornaiano close to Appiano

History. It can be breathed throughout the hotel. In every room. And each one of them has their own story to tell.

From a wine estate to inn. From inn to hotel. But always present in each phase: passion. Passion for what we do. Since 1917 the estate has belonged to the Mauracher Family. It was this family who transformed the original holding into an inn during the economic crisis during the thirties, casting the foundation of the actual hotel. Once again the passion was the driving force which by then had already made the Rungghof an appreciated destination for tours and holidays. And to be precise the passion for the wellbeing of every single guest.

Today the young proprietor and 2-toque-chef Manuel Ebner is talked about. His passion is concentrated on cuisine. Here, he is at home, creating new dishes and instilling new life in old recipes. He makes culinary experiments with herbs and ingredients, inventing new combinations. And he carries forward the ancient traditional hospitality with a modern style.


The Rungghof and its history

Rungg, the name also of the estate surroundings, originates from the Latin medieval term “runcare” and has the same meaning as “to work”.

Here was situated the Rungger residence, a family whose first attestation in Oltradige dates back to 1330.

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The Rungghof and its history

The Rungger family dedicated themselves to wine growing and to a thriving wine commerce. One of the personalities which stood out most in the family was Niklas Rungger, who had a determined role in the construction of the late gothic Church of Cornaiano-Appiano.

In 1504 the emperor Maximilian I conferred with the brothers Hans and Ulrich Rungger, the family coat of arms.

Andre, son of the most famous of the Rungger family, Hans Rungger, burger master of Bolzano in 1492, built in 1524 the current Rungghof in the characteristic style of Oltradige.

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The Rungghof and its history

The last representative of the family was Felizitas Rungger, a wealthy lady, then highly esteemed in Oltradige. She died in 1615 and with her the descendants of the Rungger family came to an end.

Over the following centuries the estate belonged mainly to the peasants and was bought in 1917 by the Mauracher Family. Already at the time of the current owners’ grandparents, the Rungghof represented a renowned inn as well as a destination for tours.

The old walls as well as many frescoes and the unique style at an architectonic level of the estate still today recall the days passed.

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Birthday special

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The Rungghof rewards your loyalty!

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Leave behind your daily life

... and be pampered at the Rungghof! Your palates will be conquered by the culinary highlights of Manuel Ebner, the son of the proprietors in person. No one better than he knows how to unite the taste of light Mediterranean cuisine to the flavours of the land. And even though the excellent dishes are even more delicious when savoured in a stylish ambient, you will surely be enthusiastic about the charming stube and the magnificent gardens of the Rungghof. Furthermore, our hotel and the location of Cornaiano/Appiano, will offer endless opportunities to enrich your free time with relaxing, thrilling and interesting activities.

Leave behind your daily life